Hourly @ £75 per hour
Half day @ £250
Whole day @ £450
Travel charged at 50p per mile
I produce effective videos and photographs which will make your business stand out from the crowd. Adding eye-catching images and engaging videos to your website and marketing materials will help you get your message across to the people who matter.
Why Professional Photographs?
Photographs play a vital role in bringing your website and promotional materials to life. Fantastic images can help you create a strong and recognisable brand and set the right tone for people wanting to find out more about your business.
My professional images are extremely high quality and will show your products and services in their very best light. I work on a wide variety of projects from creating artistic, striking photographs designed to inspire to producing images which tell an important story for newspapers, magazines and other publications.
Whatever you need photography for, I will produce original images which meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Why Video?
If a picture tells a thousand words then a video tells the full story. I specialises in corporate videos which will capture the attention of potential customers and raise awareness of your brand.
Whether you need a short film which explains a product or service in a simple and powerful way or you’re looking for an imaginative and memorable way to tell your story, I can help.
Adding a video to your website is a compelling way of getting people talking about your business or organisation. Videos are easily shared on social media, ensuring your message reaches new eyes and ears.
Video is also a highly effective tool in improving your website’s rankings on major search engines like Google. Including original and innovative digital content makes your website easier to find, ensuring you get more hits and attract more potential customers.
But great video is about more than simply driving traffic to your website. It is about building a lasting connection with your customers and helping people understand exactly what you are about.

Why choose me?
I am an experienced photographer and videographer working in the Norwich area. I have worked with many businesses and organisations in Norfolk, creating memorable and attractive images which help them achieve their aims.
An expert in commercial photography and video, I will work closely with you to produce something which is perfect for your needs. With meticulous attention to detail, a strong creative vision and impressive technical skills, I will provide you with images and videos which will help take your business to the next level. 
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